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Imagine if you could CONNECT with all your Neighbours, Right here right now..., Then ..., We could do business together, And EMPOWER each other, Well..., We've made this possible, Join Us Today

What gadget are you using?
How it works

Welcome to the peer to peer (p2p) virtual business world. Based on the `Cell Technology`,
p2pCell is deliberately transiting the brick and motors display stalls and shops into the 21st-century digital world.

It is only through technology that we can become truly free. Today we have just brought you to Economic freedom.
Welcome to the virtual world of SME networking.

We have designed this platform to empower you.
Now you can Go Cloud and enjoy the freedom that comes with it:
- Physical shops are now obsolete.
- We’ve gone virtual: Now you can start your enterprise anywhere, anytime.
- Take advantage and make your home/room an economic hub.
- We get to build a virtual city in our neighborhoods
- And open virtual branches anywhere, anytime with a click of a button
To deliver all these, three specific areas have been implemented in our first version of the tool. Virtual Shops
Virtual shops are premium based and provide several opportunities
that traditional physical shops do not and will never have like:
o Roaming- You can now move with your brand.
o You can display all your products complete with images, description, and prices to your customers with automated broadcasting cell service
o Your customer base is people who matter. People next to you. Your neighbors.
o You can now start a business in less than 10 minutes.
As easy as opening social media account, and open as many branches as possible with a click of one button.

The Lovers Gift: Lovers Cell
Just to build a more decent p2pCell Virtual City community, we have presented to you Lovers Corner.
Know your partner. Stay true!

All activities herein are voluntary and we take no liability for any eventualities.
You are expected to adhere to relevant rules and regulation that govern the physical world.

Welcome to the p2pCell Virtual city!